ChileLabor — 20 July 2011


According to web site site , Walmart workers here in Chile are on alert because they could go on strike next week.  Their union leadership says Walmart has refused to negotiate with the union which actually represents the workers there–saying Walmart bargained with another group which they created and coopted–and they have engaged in anti-union activities. Walmart purchased the big-box retailer Lider here in Chile in 2009 along with two other chains (Ekono and SuperBodega aCuenta) when it purchased major interest in D&S, which Walmart says was “Chile’s leading food retailer”.  

Walmart is known in the USA for its agressive anti union tactics having closed an entire store in Canada when the workers there voted for a union.  

According to newspaper El Mostrador the employees of Ekono similarly went out on a 15 day strike over wage and work conditions.

This possible strike by Walmart follows a strike two weeks ago by the Chilean workers of Starbucks who like Walmart does not have a union in its stores and shops in the United States.


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