Fiction Reporting — 13 November 2011

Southern Pacific Review seeks short fiction written in (or translated into) English . Word count is flexible, but flash and novelette length works will have to try harder. Interesting ideas and depth of meaning are more important than genre. Hard to say what we want, except that we know it when we see it.

Winning prize is $100 USD and publication in Southern Pacific Review. Entries are accepted from 1 January 2017 to 30 March 2017.  Writers retain the rights to their work.

Submit entries to  There is no reading fee. Please submit as Word or PDF attachment.  Entries with no cover letter (1 paragraph will suffice.) will not be accepted.


We need writers in any Latin American country to do reporting.


Winner 2017:  “The Spacehopper” by T.A. Barfield.

Short list:

“Cold Spring” by Andrew Peters
“Alexander” in Midair by Agnes Bookbinder

Winner 2016:  “Mrs Delaney’s Crumbling Facade” by Scott Derry.

Short list:
“Guy Tousaint” by Erik Wennermark
“Spirit” by Tochukwu Okafor
“A Very Spanish Tragedy” by Daniel Fletcher
“Infelicitously” by Patricia Dale Lidis

Winner 2015: Sun Jelly Pastures” by Kristyna Mazur Landt

Results from 2014:

Winner: Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter with Clown Car” by Rachel Lyon.

Short list (in order of submission):
 “Some Sketches of Country Life” by Louis Ludwig
“Bechtel in their Dreams” by Adrianne Aron
“El Griton” by Aaron Pell
“Assisting” by Kirk Nesset
“Kenting” by Hc Hsu
“Beware of Greeks Pushing Stuffed Animals” by George Djuric
“A Killing in Zimbabwe” by Michael M. Pacheco

“Problems Encountered by the Armchair Sports Fanatic” by Scott Derry

Results from 2013:

Congratulations to HM Gruendler-Schierloh for winning the 2013 South American Short Story Contest.  At a mere 1,200 words, this story is very well-crafted.   Here is the winning entry.

Results from 2012:

Congratulations to Daniel Hurren on winning this year’s South American Short Story contest.  This is a truly original story written in the David Foster Wallace stream-of-consciousness whatever-you-want-to-call-it meandering style which we like. Here is Daniel’s story.

The following stories, published by Southern Pacific Review 2013, have been nominated for Pushcart Prize consideration. Each is different and brilliant in a unique way. Any would be deserving. Thanks and best wishes to the authors.Noelia and Ampero by Glendaliz Camacho – Americano by CK McMahon – Cherry Picker by Boone Davis – on Your Brand New Baby Boy by Dustin B. Angevine –





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  1. Story writing is really amazing contest. I always had positive idea and excited to attend story writing. Hope I win prizes. Thanks!

  2. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  3. Please i am a Nigerian in West Africa. I want to know if someone from Nigeria is eligible to participate in your competition? Thank you, and keep it up!

    • Anyone who writes well in English is welcome to participate. You might be the next Chinua Achebe.

  4. I wish to take part in this competition i am in south africa

  5. Hello I want to get involved in this essay , is there any specific topics you’re interested in.Please send me the information to my email address ,I’m based in the U.K and hope I’m eligible for this contest.
    Best wishes,


    • Any topic is welcome as long as it makes for a good story. Write something like Julian Barnes or any of your UK countrymen. The British Isles throughout history have been brimming with literary talent. What can you offer? saludos.

  6. Word limit?

  7. Time limit/deadline?

  8. End of contest is 3/31/2012. No word limit.

  9. Just wondering… do you have to have a blog? because I write in our school magazine… and I can’t usually get internet all of the time to write a blog because stuff like that is banned on the school sever.

  10. Does one send a .doc attachment of the story, along with the site where that story was first published, or must the story be so far unpublished?

    Salvatore Buttaci

  11. Should be original unpublished work only.


    Walker Rowe

  12. Is there a limit on the number of stories a writer may submit?

  13. One story per writer please for the contest.

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  15. was wondering if you accept or reject these various art forms: short-short stories, storellas, literary pre`cis, “tonepoems”, literary blends, literary pastiche, literary collages, and literary snapshots via E-mail? Some of my latest works are: “A Ten Pound Large Man”, “A Fallen Penis”, “Docta Freud’s House Calls”, “Kamikaze Shooterdowner”, “Falling Way Way Out of Olivia”, “Kafka’s Tomb”, “Mind Wipe”,”Drinking in Whispers”, “Olivia’s Fiery Words”, “A Poor Man’s Havaad”, “Tina of the Troy”, “Tommy Tom Tom’s Outer Space Journeys”,”Where the Facawee?”, “Sports Wars between the Jinx Gods and Greek Gods”, “A Hundred-one eyed Dog”, “Hyphenated All Americans”, “Once a Time Ago on Old Arthur Avenue”, “Oedipus of the Knowing”, “What the World Needs Now Is a Cure – Forget about “Love” – Where’s it been?”, “Singing Wombs”, “The Man Who Visited the California Settlement in NB”,”Suffering in the Eyes of Watching”, “Why We Hate the French Like Ourselves”,”A French Joke: Liberties Legs Are in Chains!”, “Look Whose Nose Is up the Shrub’s Ass Now!”, “The Whistling Man’s long Dark Journey into Nights and the Great Lakes!”, “Hyphenated Americans Like”, “If I Say It First and You Second – I Win – Ginky said!” “One Finger Pointing and Two Coming Back while one Is up One’s Ass” “Tips from Nick Machiavelli”, “Green Ship Coming In? Oh Yeah Lotto”, “What Did Pension Mean Anyway? “Dying of Hunger”, “Doing a Shrub’s Smirk !”, “When Autumn Leaves”, “Born in the Eyes of Memory”, “Drinking Marmalade Trees”, “Suffering in the Eyes of Watching” and “The Greek Goddess Free Will Said: “Why Do Mortals Look Both Ways when Crossing a Street If They Believe In Predestination?”,”Spinning about Waters”,”Constitution Nazi Style”, “Bill of Rights Who?”, “Hey, Can I Bribe in the Name of Free Speech?”, “Hey We Don’t Torture!”, “Leny One N Learns Lilith” …. Many of these works are about 800 words.

    I also have Collections of Short Stories: “Hitler’s Mustache in Your Soup”, “When We Grunt Twelve Times Call PETA”, “A Dying Living”,”The Last American-African”, “An Old Born Baby”, “When the Fan Hit the”, “The Village Idiot Comes Home to Oedipus”, “Wake Up Before Going to Sleep!”, “Thirty After Noon”, “Once Catholicism Meant Liberal”, “Just a Mean Mean No Hearted People”, “When The Bronx Became Brooklyn”, “The Boy Who Gave Birth to the Man”, “You Funnen at My Intelligent Design Body?”, “The Fourth World Order: Global Gobbling”. And if interested I have two chap book collections: “Seeing the Divided States of America from a German-Italic- French Woman’s Eyes” and “Leny One N’s Prison Stays” …. I have been fortunate to have my works accepted and published in many places: USA, Greece, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Romania, Ireland, England, India, Singapore ….

    Thank you for your time and kind attention and please accept my apologies if I have bothered you before. Often, I receive E-mail addresses from friends – not the zine’s so I can’t follow instructions until after I hear from you. And since I have lost most of my records, I can not recall if I sent you this query before. Again I am sorry for this.

  16. Can I turn in more than one entry?

  17. I’ve been told you are not reading literary works any more. True?

    • What do you mean?

  18. I can’t find where to post/attach the document file onto the website so that it can be judged in the competition. Can someone help.

    • Send an email with the story attached as a .doc or .pdf file to the address shown in the instructions at the top of this page.

  19. You never received my Mexican stories?

  20. Jerry has had his collection of Tonepoems called: “Gods Depicting
    Pastime” accepted by a publisher and can be found on Amazon.

    Richard Loller Publisher
    The Preservation Foundation, Inc.
    2313 Pennington Bend Road
    Nashville, Tennessee 37214

    You can get a discount if you buy from the publisher:

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