War on Drugs — 15 April 2012



The decriminalization of drugs as a strategy to fight drug trafficking will be presented as a discussion item in the VI Summit of the Americas but not as a proposal, given than there is no consensus on the topic between participating nations.

The membesr of the Central American Integration System (SICA) rejected Saturday in a meeting prior to the summit the idea to propose legalization as had been suggested by the President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, who is part of that organization.

Pérez assured journalists after the meeting that he does not feel isolated in his proposal to decriminalize drugs.  On the contrary he said he was satisfied that at least he was touched.

“I also hope that this theme will be discussed tomorrow.  We have a private meeting with the presidents and I believe there the topic will be presented and that will be more than sufficient,” the Guatemalan resigned himself to say.

The president of the United States, Barack Obama, stressed Saturday his position at the closing of the businessman’s meeting prior to the opening of the summit, saying again “legalization is not the solution”.

SICA, which includes Belice, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá and the Republican Dominic República Dominicana, held a meeting prior the summit with the goal of putting together a common posture for the region.

In the meeting all these governments participated except El Salvador President Mauricio Funes, who was at the businessmen’s forum and Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega who reasons not given.






Date:  14 April 2012

Translated from: http://noticias.terra.com.co/internacional/cumbre-de-las-americas/despenalizacion-de-droga-solo-sera-discutida-en-la-cumbre,785e544e802b6310VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html



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  1. There is little doubt by now that US Vicepresident, Joe Biden, Home Land Supremo, Janet Napolitano, and that guy, a former ambassador to Colombia who has a job title longer than the Graham’s Number, Brownfield did an excellent job during their last tour across Central America.

    We will see how effective the US strategy of divide and conquer has been. Will Latin American countries stick to their guns and press ahead with their proposal to discuss current and alternative drugs policies, or will they succumb to that old and dreadful condition we thought they had overcome: the Banana Republic Disease?

    Gart Valenc
    Twitter: @gartvalenc

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