Chile — 03 September 2013


In the USA you have to go to SeaWorld to see sea lions.  Here in Talcahuno, Chile they walk in the streets.

In recent weeks these giants have left the water to look for food in the city.  Normally the sea lions wait at the docks to catch fish heads and guts as fishermen clean their catch.  But the fishing industry here has put in strict quotas to keep the industry from collapsing altogether–so fewer people are fishing.  The catch of sardines, anchovies, merluza, and jurel are all down sharply because of overfishing.  The government passed a new law giving the fishing quotas to 5 industrial fishing companies and the small fishermen.  The small fishermen, in turn, sell their catch to the large ones.  So the big companies have affectively taken control over the entire catch.

Sea Lions are big and dangerous. Several pedestrians have been attacked including one elderly man who was pushed into a car and suffered bruises and cuts on his head.

The women in the video says that the Sea Lions are protesting when they lie down in front of the bus.


That’s it: Ludicrous in Latin America.



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  1. That is so cute!

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