Technology — 17 March 2015

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Women must have grown weary of creep guys staring at them with Google Glass, as some California restaurants and bars banned them from the premises.  Now women who are used to men leering at them will no longer have to worry about photographing them as well: Google is halting production of Google Glass.

Google Glass glasses were first released in 2013 to software developers. The consumer market followed.

If you have bought a pair and are wondering what to do, don’t fret. Google will still support Glass. The third-party apps you have downloaded should continue to work, even if their developers walk away.

Google has not said exactly why it killed off its product.  In the absence of any details, the tech writers at the BBC suggested up their own:

  • At $1,500 and up, they cost too much.
  • The battery does not last long enough.
  • A mobile phone work just as well.
  • They look ridiculous.

If were are an engineer working at Google on Glass you are no doubt disappointed.  The company has turn its attention and resources elsewhere. The product has been evicted from the prestigious Google X labs. That is where the company designs driverless cars and the latest gadgets like their new do-it-yourself modular mobile phones that are an empty shell to which you snap in chips.

Google’s vision for Google Vision must not have unfolded they they hoped. Last year, Google took Glass to the catwalk as it try to make inroads with high-end fashion market.  The fashion industry titan Dianne Von Furstenberg appeared on the runway during London Fashion Week wearing Google Glass.  The media gushed “Google Glass Gets Thumbs up from London Fashion Week.” But now it’s definitely thumbs down now.  No glitterati will be donning Google Glass anytime soon in Paris or Milan.

Google Glass was given an enthusiastic product launch with skydivers beaming their descent to an audience in San Francisco.  Tech journalists from the Google amen-chorus wrote glowing reviews.

The device is a good idea and has its followers.  The company has money to thrown away, so one wonders why Google does not keep it going. Perhaps it will make its mark.

Google Glass has a fighter-jet heads up display that, even though it was positioned over one eye, show up in the middle of your field of vision.  You wake the screen by tilting your head back or your finger along the frame.  The screen is translucent allowing you do do things like walk or drive.  (It must be safe as the police did not prohibit that.

The device is tethered to the user’s smartphone.  The user gets an alert when they received a mail.  You scroll through its menus to ask directions, take photos, or shoot videos.  Firing a shot across the bow of Apple, the company even wrote an App to make it work with iOS. It screencast your iPhone screen on the heads up display. Its voice recognition too took aim at Apple as it worked better than Siri.


For people who needed traditional glasses, Google offer different frames so prescription lens could be fitted.  Hinting at what might be possible to further address sight, Sergey Brin showed up at a Foundation Fighting Blindness event, no doubting creating excitement and hope.

Those hard of hearing could benefit as well from Google Glass.  The app WatchMeTalk provides live close captioning.   Other apps were just for fun, like Blackjack and a Sharma copycat that listened to a song and provided the artist and track name.

PC advisor evaluated it and declared it a novelty. “We don’t recommend anyone buy it unless you have a specific use for it.”

No doubt Google will be back in the market with something new as Apple has their watch and Google will not want to be left behind in the race to see who comes out on top in the wearable technology market.




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