Reporting — 26 June 2015

Only someone who reads a lot can write well. Most people don’t read, so most people cannot write.

I have grown weary of seeing so many solicitations for SEO writing. Who thinks so little of their skills as a writer as to write material is designed for a computer to read and not a person?

In case you don’t know, SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” Since there is for all practical purposes only one search engine, you might as well call it “Google Keyword Optimization.” People doing that think they are clever enough to outwit the engineers at Google who are quite proficient at ignoring articles that simply repeat key phrases a few times in hopes that Google will pick that up. You might as well toss sand into the air to try to build a castle.

This is because Google does not works off keywords alone, but uses the Page Rank Index, which means the number of sites are linked to yours. The Page Rank Index was the thesis written by those two guys who founded Google when they were students at Stanford. So, if you write “how to sell shoes” and have hundreds of people linking to your site then Google is likely to list your post.

So SEO writers, defeated in their aspirations, look for a way around this. This do this by paying each other to link to their sites. That’s a kind of fraud. Plus it means much of what we read on the internet is just what someone else wrote, albeit reworded to avoid charges of plagiarism.

I hope you are not trying to game the system this way. It does not work except against other people who are also trying to game the system. If you want to build up a reputation, the only way to do that is keep turning out quality writing and then promote it on social media.

Anything else is just a waste of your skills as a writer. Of course you might not care about that at all.


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