Chile Culture — 21 February 2017

Here is a guide for the foreigner of the sex trade in Chile.


In Chile prostitution is legal.  A woman is allowed to operate as a call girl and negotiate business in her own quarters or her customer’s.  A brothel is technically not allowed, but there is no enforcement of that and it is easily hidden behind the facade of a massage parlor anyway.

Types of Services and Prices 

There is a regular massage, erotic massage, and sex.  The women here are beautiful and there is no stigma attached to this so they are just regular, attractive girls and not, say, the criminal element.  Chileans, unlike Americans, see nothing dirty in this business.  You can kiss on the lips while the woman will keep her modesty by disguising her face on the web site where you found her.

Most prostitutes are Chilean but there are Argentine and Colombian girls working here too.  Some come to Viña from Argentina for the summer tourist season (Jan-Feb).

If you want a massage with an erotic finish then ask for that.  You will get annoyed when the woman cannot give a muscular firm massage and only wants to give you sex.  So it is better if the woman has massage certification (certificado de masaje).  In Chilean, education certification is looked on favorably in any kind of employment. It is better to hire someone with that to get what you want.

The erotic massage will be 30,000 CLP.  Add 10,000 CLP more if you want the woman to be nude when she gives you a massage and when she finishes you off (One website says “tener feliz fin” meaning “with a happy ending.”)  Otherwise she will finish you off with her clothes on.

You could also add 15,000 CLP to what you pay the masseuse for intercourse.  Or you could just start with a hooker in the first place.  They cost 50,000 and up.

If you want them to walk a parade of girls in front of you and then pick one, try this massage business Masajistas Sensitivas.


There is no mafia or anything like that overseeing this business.  There is no danger and you should never feel unsafe.  It’s as gentle and soothing as selling flowers.

In Santiago, go to Providencia as most of the women operate out of apartments there and it is one of the safest, upscale neighborhoods.  In Viña del Mar you will want to stay around the Libertad and other streets near the city center and beach.

Where to find Hookers and Erotic Masseuses

Use the Locanto website, which is just classified ads.  If you are looking for a rub and tug massage then that is “masaje erotic” in Spanish.  Click this link for erotics massages in Viña del Mar.  Click here for hookers in Santiago.   Send them a text message or WhatsApp.  You could write:  “estas disponible?” meaning “are you free?”  Then use Google translate to get her address (que es su direccion?).  For their own safety, they will not want to put their address in an email or text message.  So they might tell you a general address and then you call back for the specific one when you get there.

Try Chilean Culture: Cafe con Piernas

If you are in downtown old city-center Santiago go to a Cafe Con Piernas, which is a stand up semi-erotic coffee shop.  You get coffee or hot chocolate and get to entertain young women dressed in sexy lingerie and be entertained by them.  There is nothing dirty going on here either:  no sex, no touching, just a friendly chat.  Men come here from their offices in ties during office hours.  Find the cafes in the galerias, which are the vast shopping spaces inside the large builders around the city center.  They should have some neon lights perhaps to help you spot them.

Love and Sex with Chilean Women

Finally, for traditional dating here is some dating advice and description of the general love landscape for the lustful wandering male.




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