Chile — 24 April 2017


18:38 Viña del Mar, Chile.  24 May 2017.

A strong 7.1 earthquake just hit here in Chile.  Here in this coastal city is the 2nd large quake we have had in three days.  Saturday night people were heading for the door in a restaurant near the casino when a 5.9 quake hit.  Here in Chile people are accustomed to this.  Tourists are the ones who usually run out as they are not used to this.

Here in the building where we are writing this some items were tossed to the floor.  On the 7th floor the shaking was strong.  People in Santiago felt it strongly as well.  Lights and water are still working except for some sections of Valparaiso and Con-Con.

TVN news says SHOA ocean service canceled evacuation and that there was no major damage nor injuries. Valparaiso metro shutdown.

Today’s and Friday’s quakes were very shallow and close to the city (10 km deep and 25 KM west).  Usually the quakes here are much deeper as the Nazca Pate pushes underneath the South American plate unlike California where on the San Andres fault one plate slips pass the other.  Subduction type quakes are more violent.

This quake was accompanied by much ground noise.  According to the University of Chile, in Chile there are 3 major earthquakes of this intensity per year. To put this in perspective, the 2010 7.0 quake in Haiti killed over 100,000.  In the 2010 8.8 in Chile 500 people were killed by the resulting tsunami, the warning of which was not passed to the people due to an accident in communications.  The 1960 9.6 Valdivia quake was the largest in recorded history worldwide.

There are multiple aftershocks that you can follow here.  The University of Chile also sends it data to the Euro Med website here.

UPDATE 20:27.  Santiago, CHILE.

The 7.1 earthquake (USGS) that hit the coast of Chile just over an hour ago is now registered at a 6.9 by Chilean authorities. It shook Santiago much less than its counterparts in Valparaíso, Los Vilos, and Linares. While these tremors are quite normal for Chileans, even in Santiago, people were screaming and running in fear in the downtown area of the city. The only damage caused by the seismic activity in most parts of Santiago were rattling household objects with very slight falling material.

These seismic events are by far the strongest of the past six days in the central region of Chile.  Citizens in this region will likely be looking out for further aftershocks for the next few days.



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