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Bogota Reduces Emissions and Costs with Electric Buses

Here at Southern Pacific Review we are exploring what steps other cities are doing to the reduce air pollution that comes from mass transit, so that we might do the same here in Santiago, a city [...]

ENAP to Convert CODELCO Coal-Fired Thermoelectric Plant to Natural Gas

El Mercurio and Economía y Negocio report that the Chilean National Petroleum company (La Empresa Nacional de Petróleo, ENAP) is taking steps to move forward with plans to complete the 1,083 megawatt (MW) Energía Minera coal-burning [...]

University of Santiago Publishes Detailed Inventory of Santiago Air Pollution

The University of Santiago (USACH) Department of Physics, has completed a report on the sources of air pollution in the Santiago metropolitan region.  The report was commission by the Ministry of the Environment. Dr. Ernesto Gramsch [...]

Chinese President Wraps up BRICs Summit

24 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile thumbnail photo:  Presidents Xi Jinping and Dilma Rousseff congratulate BYD’s chairman Wang Chuanfu on signing an agreement to build a plant to produce electric batteries in Brazil. Chinese President Xi Jinping left [...]

Santiago Air Quality: Chile Levies Tax on Diesel Autos

16 June 2014.  Santiago, Chile. Thumbnail photo: Puegot 008 HYbrid4 diesel-electric hybrid. The government of Chile has proposed new taxes on diesel powered autos and light trucks. These taxes are agreed in principle by the congress and [...]

Natural Gas for Chile: USA to export Natural Gas to Chile

8 July 2014. Santiago, Chile El Mercurio reported that the Chilean Minister of Energy Maximo Pacheco said that the USA will start exporting liquid natural gas to Chile by the end of 2015 from the Sabina [...]

Natural Gas for Chile: Bachelet and Energy Execs meet with Obama

2 July 2014.  Santiago, Chile. President Bachelet traveled to the USA to meet with President Obama on Monday.  Executives of the energy industry in Chile traveled with her.  Among the themes the executives discussed was how [...]

Chile Air Quality: Copper Smelter Emissions

The graphic below shows the number of kilograms of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted as a byproduct of each metric ton (1,000 kg) of copper extracted at selected copper smelters around the world.  The data in the [...]

Chile Air Quality: Copper Smelting in Chile

La metalurgia del cobre (1960) from Archivo DGA-USACH on Vimeo. Here we describe how copper is produced in Chile.  In Chile, rocks containing copper sulfate are mined and then smelted (melted).  If the copper were in [...]

Santiago Air Quality: Transantiago Fleet Emission Standards

Here is a list of the 6,478 buses in the Transantiago bus fleet as of March 2014.  The list is grouped by model, year, and manufacturer.  These are diesel-powered vehicles, most of which are Mercedes Benz and [...]