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Ballena Azul Suicide Game Spreads to Latin America

by McKenzie Ingram photo credit: Cedoc Santiago, Chile. 9 April 2017. While most childhood antics seem innocent and fun, a game with suicidal tendencies has come to the attention of the Chilean public that is cause [...]

7.1 Earthquake Rocks Valparaiso and Viña del Mar Chile

  18:38 Viña del Mar, Chile.  24 May 2017. A strong 7.1 earthquake just hit here in Chile.  Here in this coastal city is the 2nd large quake we have had in three days.  Saturday night people [...]

Prostitutes, Masseuses, Call Girls in Viña del Mar and Santiago, Chile

Here is a guide for the foreigner of the sex trade in Chile. Legality In Chile prostitution is legal.  A woman is allowed to operate as a call girl and negotiate business in her own quarters [...]

Medical Marijuana in Chile

26 January 2017. Viña del Mar. In this post we explain the current status of the law in Chile regarding medical marijuana.  We also explain how you can get a prescription for marijuana in Chile and [...]

Safe Beaches and Swimming Safety and Rules in Viña del Mar, Chile

Why Don’t Chileans Swim?   People are afraid of the current here and they say the water is too cold.  So almost no one swims.  95% of the people will go no deeper than knee deep. [...]

Allegations of Police Abuse in Chile blight Carabineros reputation

by Cameron Ridgway 28 September 2016.  Concepción, Chile. The Carabineros, Chile’s national police force, have long held a reputation as one of the most trusted in Latin America. That may all be about to change, however. [...]

Pinochet still Casts Shadow over Chile

Note: The photo above taken by Reuters photographer Carlos Vera Mancilla went viral.  It shows a girl staring into the face of a policeman. It was taken at the protest this week honoring victims of the dictatorship. [...]

Welcoming the British to Concepción, Chile

by Cameron Ridgway photo by Hozdiamant, under Creative Commons License Concepción, Chile. 7 September 2016. A taste of life as a ‘penquista:’ Concepción, Chile: a city I still don’t quite understand despite having lived here for [...]

Student Protests in Chile come back. Why is there so much destruction?

Photo “Chile movimiento estudiantil marcha universidad de Concepcion” by Carol Crisosto Cadiz. It reads “For an free, quality education serving the town.” Though from 2011, it shows what the students demanded then, and what they are [...]

Job Turnover in Chile Highest of any OECD Country

photo “Construcción” by Alvaro Olivares 13 June 2016. Santiago, Chile. On Friday, La Tercera released an article saying that job turnover in Chile is higher than in any nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and [...]