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Prostitutes, Masseuses, Call Girls in Viña del Mar and Santiago, Chile

Here is a guide for the foreigner of the sex trade in Chile. Legality In Chile prostitution is legal.  A woman is allowed to operate as a call girl and negotiate business in her own quarters [...]

Pinochet still Casts Shadow over Chile

Note: The photo above taken by Reuters photographer Carlos Vera Mancilla went viral.  It shows a girl staring into the face of a policeman. It was taken at the protest this week honoring victims of the dictatorship. [...]

Welcoming the British to Concepción, Chile

by Cameron Ridgway photo by Hozdiamant, under Creative Commons License Concepción, Chile. 7 September 2016. A taste of life as a ‘penquista:’ Concepción, Chile: a city I still don’t quite understand despite having lived here for [...]

The State of Indians in Chile and the Americas

by Walker Rowe Map From The Language Gulper. Thumbnail graphic from Famous Crying Indian Commercial in the 1970’s. I am in a unique perspective to reflect upon the condition of the Indian here in Chile and all [...]

Surge in Daytime Robberies in Santiago Malls

by Alana Gale Photo “Police” by RL GNZLZ under Creative Commons License 6 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. Over the last six months, there have been frequent reports of jewelry store robberies in broad daylight in malls around Chile. [...]

Chile Changing Education System

by Alana Gale photo “University Life 134” by Francisco Osorio. 22 March 2016. Santiago, Chile. A report presented last Thursday by The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) described the educational situation in Chile as “alarming”, [...]

Horses and Horseback Riding in Chile

by Walker Rowe One irony in Chile is here the poorest people can own a horse but in the USA only the richest can afford that, especially on the East Coast. In the American West it [...]

Abortion Debate in Chile

by Alana Gale In the photo from El Desconcierto the woman has written “my choice” on her stomach. Since 1989, Chile has had a blanket ban on all forms of abortion. According to the penal code, [...]

HBO GO Streaming Coming to Chile

by Alana Gale and Walker Rowe Netflix came to Chile a couple of years ago, now HBO is coming this year. In 2010, HBO launched its streaming service HBO Go in the United States. At first [...]


graphic source:  Turismo Virtual Foreign and Chilean surfers already know about Pichilemu and the waves at Punto Lobos.  But there is another beach in this area with the same constant swell, yet almost no people: Puertecillo [...]