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Proof that Chilean and Spanish People are Illogical

by Walker Rowe   I have found absolute proof that the Chilean, and Spanish people, from which they sprang, are illogical. Read on.   At the university, in between time spent playing tennis and smoking pot, [...]

How to Find a Lawyer in Chile

I have filed lots of lawsuits in Chile and been a crime victim too, more than once, which is almost guaranteed to happen to anyone who lives here long enough.  Here are some basic rules and [...]

Expat Southerner Explains Racism

by Walker Rowe Chileans are very interested in the racial debate raging in America.  They ask me if I am racist or if my country is racist. I am in a unique position to comment on [...]

Cuasimodo Holy Week Procession

12 April 2015. Curacaví, CHILE. In the last century, the priest during Semana Santa (Holy Week) visited sick people in their homes who could not receive communion.  But many times he was assaulted on rural roads [...]

Survey Shows Crime is up in Chile

thumbnail photo by Geraint Rowland 31 October 2014.  Santiago, Chile. Paz Cuidana and GFK Admimark have released a survey of crime in Santiago. The survey sampled 7,720 households. In the Greater Santiago region, 45.6% of families had at [...]

Chile and the War in Syria: America’s Peace Dividend

by Walker Rowe Photo courtesy US Navy When I first came to Chile 9 years ago, I had a lot of fun joking back and worth with coworkers about the USA, its military power, and our [...]

Chile Allows First Medical Marijuana Farm

8 September 2014.  Santiago, Chile. The Chilean Agriculture Service (SAG) yesterday gave the city of La Florida, part of Greater Santiago, permission to plant 416 marijuana plants for cancer and epilepsy patients for use in that [...]

Chilean Poet Nicanor Parra turns 100

  Today is Nicanor Parra´s 100th birthday. This 5-time Nobel-Prize nominated Chilean poet is not as widely-known in the English-speaking world as in the Spanish-speaking one, where his fame is complete.  This is due, in part, [...]

Health Care in Chile: Drowning in Paperwork

by Walker Rowe photo Araucania Regional Hospital by Pablo Trincado An update to this article is here. Part of daily life here in Santiago involves running around town doing in person what you might otherwise do [...]

Film Review: The Clown (El Payaso)

by Rick Segreda   “The Clown”, from Brazil, is a mere 81 minutes in length – a full ninety if you included the exceptionally long eight minute closing credits – yet for this reviewer, this peculiar [...]