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How to Find a Lawyer in Chile

I have filed lots of lawsuits in Chile and been a crime victim too, more than once, which is almost guaranteed to happen to anyone who lives here long enough.  Here are some basic rules and [...]

Google Project Loon Internet Access in Chile

Google Project Loon is trying to launch internet service across the Southern Hemisphere using balloons that circle the globe in the stratosphere. Their path includes Chile. Since their service connects with the local phone providers it [...]

Fishing Law in Chile

6 October 2015. Santiago, Chile. Updated article “Chile’s Corrupt Fishing Law” is here. In 2013, the Chilean congress approved the Longuiera Law.  This law divided up the entirety of the fishing quota off the Chilean coast [...]

Health Insurance in Chile: Fonasa and Isapres

Editor’s note: After you read about health insurance in Chile, look at “The Avocado Republic of Chile, because it’s too Cold to Grow Bananas,”  Chile’s ultimate tour guide. Laugh-out-loud funny and insightful.  American writer, Walker Rowe, sick [...]

Amidst Inequality, Chile Inches Towards Closing the Gender Gap

by Elizabeth Trovall thumbnail photo by Francisco Osoro In efforts to measure and track gender inequality across the globe, the World Economic Forum released its annual study that measures the gender gap in 142 countries around [...]

AFEX offers the Best Exchange Rates

Here we show you who has the best money exchange rates for sending money to or from Chile. Below are 11 actual transactions from Afex, Xoom, PayPal (Multicaja), Wells Fargo (ATM withdrawal), and American Express (credit [...]

Digital Newspapers in Chile

What newspapers in Chile are available on Android or iOS (i.e. iPhone and iPad) in digital format? The Looming Death of the Chilean Printed Page Chileans invariably scoff when you tell them that printed newspapers and [...]

Chile Education Reform: World Bank says Chile needs better Teachers

(thumbnail photo by Shannon Suetos) The World Bank has weighed in on the topic of elementary education in Chile.  Their report Great Teachers: How to Raise Student Learning in Latin American and Caribbean looks at public grade [...]

Reforma del Sistema Notarial en Chile

Chile es un país muy moderno con grandes centros comerciales y el rascacielo de 70 pisos más alto en Latinoamérica. Pero el sistema notarial aquí es absolutamente arcaico. Se puede decir que su concepción sigue siendo [...]

Películas Piratas en Chile

La piratería de películas en Chile está muy extendida. El Gobierno de EE.UU. ha puesto a Chile en la “Lista de Vigilancia Prioritaria” (Priority Watch List), ya que no ha cumplido debidamente su obligación de proteger [...]