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Newspapers in Chile, in a word: Biased

by Walker Rowe Here in Chile, print newspaper are fat with advertising.  This is in stark contrast to the USA where the internet has killed off most print media.  Only The New York Times remains profitable [...]

Fundraiser for Bachelet Campaign Charged with Tax Crimes

15 September 2015.  Santiago, CHILE. Giorgio Martelli, campaign fundraiser for the pre-campaign of now-president Michelle Bachlet, and 5 others were charged yesterday with falsifying invoices and redirecting those funds to the political campaigns of candidate Michelle [...]

President Bachelet: How is her 2nd Term Going?

9 July 2015.  Santiago, Chile. President Bachelet has seen her approval rating fall into the 20s and the economy has slowed significantly.  But regarding her approval rating, at the risk of sounding flippant, we can say [...]

Chile Ambassador to Uruguay Says Right Wing Responsible for Terrorist Acts

16 October 2014.  Santiago, Chile Chile’s ambassador to Uruguay, Eduardo Contreras, told the newspaper La Diaria, “The tax reform, that touches the wallets of big business, and the constitutional reform, that for me and any other normal [...]

In Chile: Ghosts of the Past as Two Women Battle for the Presidency

 In Chile, two women are battling for the presidency.  This is only the second all-female contest in recent history–the first was in Senegal in 2012. That both candidates are women is notable, for one, former Chilean [...]

Chile’s Presidential Election

Here in Chile, the Presidential election is a short four months away.  The conservative UDI (Democratic Independent Union) and RN (National Rejuvenation) parties held a primary to see who would lead there Coalition for Change.  The [...]

The Mapuche Conflict in Chile

  “The Avocado Republic of Chile, Because it’s too Cold to Grow Bananas” is Chile’s ultimate tour guide.  Laugh-out-loud funny and insightful.  American writer sick of the pollution and noise in Santiago moves to the country for [...]

Student movement isn’t going away soon

by George Allen   On the same day students protested across the United States for “1 T Day“–the day US student debt will hit one trillion dollars–Chilean students officially inaugurated the new school year with mass [...]

What is the Background of the Student Protests in Chile

Six months ago many of the students in Chile quit going to classes.  Six months later they have yet to return. Here in sum is a description of why the students are protesting.   Here in [...]

Chile Free Trade Agreement

The US Congress is once again considering the stalled Colombia free trade agreement and a new one with South Korea.  President Obama is backing these treaties as do most politicians and economists.  In fact if you [...]