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Woke Up This Mornin’

by Stephen O’Connor thumbnail artwork by Rene Castro Lee Van Dinter woke up early, with the beginning of a song running through his head. The others, “my associates,” as he referred to them, were still lying [...]

The Spacehopper

by  T.A. Barfield thumbnail artwork by Rene Castro Editor’s Note:  This fine story is the winner of our 2017 Southern Pacific Review Short Story Contest. The Spacehopper She’d always been a very literal girl. The street [...]

Teaching English at the Cigarette Factory

by Cathy Adams Thumbnail Photo by Matt Everyone in Han village smells like tobacco from their fingers to their hair to their clothes to the pillows they lay their heads on at night before getting up [...]

As Fate Would Have It

by James Jordan photo by Marcy Reiford It was the first anniversary of Jake’s death. In the morning he’d been standing on his front lawn reading the L.A. Times when a Chevy Suburban jumped the curb. Jake [...]


by Patricia Dale Decker thumbnail drawing by Rene Castro Orphy asks if she can pee on you. You stop kissing her neck. The movie theater is small, so you see most of the people sitting around. The girl [...]


by Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor photo by Tammy Ruggles I spend long hours talking with water in the bathroom every night. I tell Mama about this special bond I have with water. She laughs a hearty laugh and [...]

A Very Spanish Tragedy

by Daniel S. Fletcher thumbnail illustration by Rene Castro   Antonio Marquéz Bahamonde was the landowner’s son, but this restless, wild-eyed ruffian was an acorn that fell far from its tree. Aged sixteen, he was incurably [...]

Proust, in the Treehouse, With a Deadly Kiss

Proust, in the Treehouse, With a Deadly Kiss by Willem MyraPhoto by Patrick Breitenbach under Creative Commons License… while on Wednesdays I’d see her by the phone booth down the street, reading this or that. Reading [...]

Guy Toussaint

by Erik Wennermark photo “Desert” by Moyan Brenn under Creative Commons License “Guy Toussaint: Deviant Art & The Poetry of Murder,” Alexander Milton’s unfinished dissertation in service of his PhD candidacy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, [...]

Mrs Delaney’s Crumbling Façade

by Scott Derry photo “Frozen Berries” by Nana B Agyel, Create Commons License Editor’s Note: This is the winning story in our 5th annual Southern Pacific Review Short Story Contest. It is high art. Creative writing at [...]