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byLouise KantroPhoto by Frédéric Bisson Since Bernie’s death nine months ago, Rosie had lost forty-three more pounds, bringing her total to fifty-two. She wasn’t dieting. Even during spurts when she ate like a pig, she told her [...]

First Fight

by Alexander Carver photo Tick Tock by Kalyan Chakravarthy   “Do you have any idea how lucky we are?” I said, locating Eva’s hand underneath the blanket, bringing it up to my mouth, kissing it twice, and [...]

The Match

by Andrea Barbosa Copacabana beach: the postcard of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, always loaded with tourists roaming around and basking in the sun. But not today. Soccer was on everyone’s agenda, everyone wanted to watch the [...]

Sunning A Mattress

Sunning A Mattress by Wina PuangcoI am on a couch with my friend. We have not seen each other in half a year. He has invited me over for the things we have in common: books, [...]


Bones by Susan Jay Watsonphoto by Luke DetwilerSheila had just come up from the garden where she’d picked the last of the green tomatoes. After wrapping the biggest in newspaper and placing them in crates, she set [...]

Los Sapos

por Eduardo Frajman foto por Kuhnmi Cleto tenía una finca en San Carlos de Alajuela. La había adquirido en circunstancias misteriosas, allá atrás en sus años de juventud. Cosecharla resultó imposible. La tierra se mostró dura y [...]

Opportune By Design

by Kristyna M. Landt, MD Part I Opportune by Design Like one of Samuel Rumph’s prized heirloom Elberta peaches, Hillary was also a Macon County native, only she reeked of a special kind of mayhem that [...]

Alligator Man

by Allegra FrazierPhoto by Michael Bentley  The Alligator Man explains that he breaks his kids’ parties into four categories: no-pool single-gator, pool single-gator, no pool multi-gator, and pool multi-gator. No pool multi-gator is the most expensive, [...]

Sun Jelly Pastures

Sun Jelly Pastures by Kristyna Mazur Landt, MD Drawing by the authorEditor’s note: Winner of our 2015 short fiction competition. Enid’s lazy eye wandered intently across the weathered formica tabletop, temporarily shifting her focus from the [...]

Flight Plan

by Richard To(photo by Andrew Baldacchino)Maximo French’s daughter remained nameless until she learned to speak. When she was born, his girlfriend named her Eleos, the goddess who personified clemency and compassion. She looked at her child so [...]