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Still Alice

by Rick Segreda Winner of the 2014 Academy Award for Best Actress, “Still Alice” is a sincere humanist drama that lives up to, but does not transcend, its good intentions. Which is to say that this [...]

Grand Budapest Hotel

by Rick Segreda In addition to all of its accolades at film festivals and critics associations, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” may eventually earn recognition as the most overrated movie of the 21st century. I certainly hope [...]

Reflections on the F-word

by Rick Segreda Photo by Gabriel Insiburo In any book on the history of popular Hollywood movies, at least one chapter should be devoted to the evolution of dialogue since the talkies. Or more precisely, its [...]

Like Father, Like Son

by Rick Segreda “Like Father, Like Son” became a critical and commercial smash in Japan when it premiered in 2013, sweeping awards and earning the equivalent of $31 million. Its box office success is especially impressive [...]

Ricardo Darin and Argentina’s Dark Culture

“The Avocado Republic of Chile, Because it’s too Cold to Grow Bananas” is Chile’s ultimate tour guide.  Laugh-out-loud funny and insightful.  American writer Walker Rowe sick of the pollution and noise in Santiago moves to the country [...]

American Sniper

by Rick Segreda Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” is currently one of the most volatile examples of what scholar Lionel Trilling called the bloody crossroads where literature and politics meet. Of course, this is not literature, but [...]


by Rick Segreda “Birdman” is good – indeed, very good – filmmaking that stops short of being great.  Though director Alejandro González Iñárritu worked on the screenplay with three other scribes, Nicolás Giacobone Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. [...]


by Rick Segreda “Calvary,” written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, tries to be an Irish “Diary of a Country Priest,” but winds up instead being so much blarney.  As one may recall, the 1951 “Diary [...]

Relatos Salvajes

by Rick Segreda Argentina’s “Relatos Salvajes”, (“Wild Tales”) injects a much-needed burst of energy into Latin American cinema, which has often been guilty of excessive solemnity.  By contrast, “Relatos Salvajes”, is anything but solemn. Indeed, writer-director [...]


by Rick Segreda I was not bedazzled by Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood”, but I certainly wasn’t bothered by it. In fact, I rather liked it, but I did not love it, and there are times in which [...]