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The Lunchbox

by Rick Segreda “The Lunchbox”, an Indian film known as “Dabba” in Hindi, is currently in Chile at Cinehoyts, and let’s hear it for progressive capitalism! That a corporation which usually limits its offerings to Hollywood product or [...]

Film Review: Gone Girl

by Rick Segreda   “Gone Girl” has emerged not only as a very big box office hit, but as the most massively misogynist movie from Hollywood since “Fatal Attraction”. That a woman, Gillian Flynn, not only [...]

Pandora’s Box

by Rick Segreda   In the last two decades, the Turkish experience in contemporary film has come into prominence for world audiences through the immigrant sensibilities of Fatih Akin, based in Germany, and Ferzan Özpetek, based in [...]

Film Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

by Rick Segreda Three years ago I placed “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” on the top of my year’s best-of list, largely for how it returned intelligent writing and competent craftsmanship to the high-budget, [...]

Interview: Werner Herzog’s Sound and Vision

by Rick Segreda photo courtesy Eric Spitzer-Marlyn Werner Herzog and Eric Spitzer-Marlyn have maintained a fruitful partnership as filmmaker and sound engineer since 1999, when Spitzer-Marlyn engineered the audio for “My Best Enemy”, Herzog’s tribute to [...]

Robin Williams, 1951 -2014

by Rick Segreda With his death last weekend, Robin Williams will now overtake Marilyn Monroe as the most famous suicide in Hollywood history, which is ironic. Whereas Monroe’s self-willed death was prompted by a fear that [...]

Le Passe

by Rick Segreda Asghar Farhadi “Le Passe” is a brilliant and emotionally-wrenching family drama from France that is the equal of the late master of the genre, Maurice Pialat. Indeed, as a contemplation of love and [...]

A Tribute to Tom Tykwer

by Rick Segreda Born in 1965, Tom Tykwer has emerged as the most prominent German director since Rainer Werner Fassbinder.  His international success from 1998, “Run, Lola, Run”, heralded the arrival of a passionate and original [...]

La vie d’Adele

by Rick Segreda   “La vie d’Adele” was 2013’s much-applauded art-house hit from Belgium, making history at Cannes and making money, lots of it, for its producers. The jurors, including Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman, at [...]


by Rick Segreda Renoir the painter and Renoir the filmmaker represent two of the highest points in western culture. The fact that they were also father and son, therefore, has always led many to contemplate how [...]