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Z213: EXIT

Review by Ilias Bistolas Series: Poena Damni vol. 1 Paperback: 152 pages Publisher: Shoestring Press; 2nd Revised edition (October 18, 2016) ISBN-13: 978-1910323625 As long as a match stays alight. As much as you have time [...]

Jesse Lee Kercheval, the Ambassador of Uruguayan Poetry

interview by Chip Livingston photos by Paola Scagliotti Jesse Lee Kercheval, renowned author, professor, editor, and translator, has joined with the University of New Mexico Press to present in English, for the first time, a collection [...]

Transformative Years

review by Aug Stone Chilean director, author, and mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky imaginatively rids himself of his family demons in his latest memoir/novel, ‘Where The Bird Sings Best’. When visionary filmmaker/writer/healer Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mother’s mother was eight [...]

The Column Inch

by Walker Rowe I find that all my years of reading The New Yorker magazine makes all my writing sound like, well, The New Yorker, meaning I write in the long narrative style.  It makes one [...]

Books: The Gay Young Adult Movement

by Brian Rowe  thumbnail photo by Guillaume Paumier  The 2013 release of David Levithan’s novel Two Boys Kissing marked a huge leap forward for American gay young adult fiction, and it showed how far this subgenre of [...]

Everything and More, A Compact History of Infinity

by Walker Rowe     David Foster Wallace (DFW) writes in “Everything and More A Compact History of Infinity” that the mathematician Cantor peered at the problem of infinity until it drove him mad. Well, sort [...]

La Perla de China

Por Jirad Saragg   Anchee Min nació el 14 de enero de 1957 en Shanghái. Es una escritora, fotógrafa, pintora y música China-Estadounidense. Vivió en China hasta 1984. Actualmente vive en USA  y China. Min creció [...]

Film and Book Review: Les Miserables

 by Walker Rowe I cannot watch Les Miserables Again. I just can’t do it. I have seen the movie and read the novel too many times. I know every scene and anguish over what the movie [...]

Formas de Volver a Casa

Por Jirad Saragg   “Formas de Volver a Casa” (2011) es la sexta obra del poeta, crítico, narrador y ensayista, Alejandro Zambra, nacido en Santiago de Chile el año 1975, además de ésta, su tercera novela, [...]

Recommended read: The Shadow of What we Were

review by Walker Rowe   Living here in Chile, so long after the military coup, one grows weary of hearing about Pinochet and the expatriate experience of those who were forced to exile from the nation [...]