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Wondering a Plenty: Three Poems by Ben Weaver

  Wooden Axle and the Wasteland of Trains Jeffy at the spigot those eyes like wind through bullet holes or a sink full of dirty pans motorcycle clouds jackstrawed telephone poles. Went to see the beekeeper [...]

Hydration: Three Poems by Jan Wiezorek

by Jan Wiezorek thumbnail artwork by Rene Casto    O! If you sit and wait, your limbs weigh heavy, pulled down, the skin flakes base your coffee mug. I noticed this this morning. My left arm [...]

Howling Wind, Cosmic Telegraph, and The Elusive Aurora

three poems by by Jorge Sánchez thumbnail artwork by Rene Castro Howling Wind When the wind moves its rapier sharp voice against the finials of the building’s spires, who can stand the screeching questions? At dawn, the [...]

The Disappeared

Three Poems by Mark Trechock by Mark Trechock photo by Rodrigo Paredes Dancing on a Rooftop in Buenos Aires The other guests came in ones and pairs from desperate jobs vending gewgaws or taking orders at pizza [...]

Standing Female Dignitary (Hillary Clinton) in the Form of a Pre-Columbian Whistle

by  Marit MacArthur illustration by Rene Castro From the outposts of Lovemaking and Motherhood she advanced, a vessel worked into the desired form. No slenderness to the waist, her feet are gone beneath the long heavy [...]

Three Poems by Don Thompson

Incident on the Road to Tupman by Don Thompson artwork by Rene Castro A fledgling dove just above me concealed among pistachio leaves panics as I walk by, trespassing in a corporate grove. Startled, I share [...]

The Smoker

(after Rufino Tamayo’s painting El fumador, 1945) by Matthew Woodman artworth by Rene Castro You can tell a man by his brand of tobacco does he profess hold forth extol his exploits understudy to the great [...]

Homage to Juarez

(after Rufino Tamayo’s painting Homenaje a Juárez, 1932) by Matthew Woodman artwork by Rene Castro when to tear it all down when to ignore lanes when to disenfranchise detassling corn a familiar sun to sell time [...]

Homage to Zapata

(after Rufino Tamayo’s painting Homenaje a Zapata, 1935) by Matthew Woodman artwork by Rene Castro What have you done with my hat chingόn que mierda this bust they trot out to restore the populace reassurance no [...]

Jesse Lee Kercheval, the Ambassador of Uruguayan Poetry

interview by Chip Livingston photos by Paola Scagliotti Jesse Lee Kercheval, renowned author, professor, editor, and translator, has joined with the University of New Mexico Press to present in English, for the first time, a collection [...]