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Three Poems

photo by Valeria Ercolano Your Daily Horoscope by Nik De Dominic Well, Stargazer, today is your day. Kind of. Imagine you just moved to a new region and for the last six months you’d been applying [...]


by Eliza Victoria Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography Maybe we should stop moving for a second and sit down here where the grass is soft like dawn and the mist touches us and doesn’t like light-years. Look [...]


by Heather Aimee O’Neill Photo by Dino Kužnik No, read the sign. Inside, applause like a symphonic song infused with grief, the never-finished arrangement steadily growing, its own cohesive whole. Celebrate the pleasures of movement, textures, climaxes, passages howling [...]


by Michael P. McManus photo by py Rudolf Vlček The strongest wind is one that returns again, after you believed it was gone— reductionist yet reticent in memory. Limbs snap and crack. From an unseen fire comes the [...]


by James M. Fajarito photo by Gabriel Insiburo They have called me names, seeing saviors In optical illusions. They have thrown Stones at me, dismissing the shower Of petals as tall tales and manufactured Lies. But [...]

The Feast

by Karen Little photo by Gabriel Insiburo There is a time to dismantle pain, long after the event, when the gap has been filled by another. Once the ripped heart is less raw, no longer exposed [...]

Falconar’s Flautist

by Cathy Bryant photo by DonKeyHotey   I heard it in the night, abroad – a single ringing note, purer than the usual breathy lisp of flutes. It was a leaping new music, a clapperless yet sounding [...]

La luna no es un juguete

por Matthew Woodman thumbnail foto por Gabriel Insiburo Decilo conmigo: la luna no es un juguete. Asumi la luna esta cargada todo el tiempo. No, no asumas nada. Asumir destruye lo que esta por verse en le [...]

The Moon Is Not a Toy

by Matthew Woodman thumbnail photo by Gabriel Insiburo Say it with me: the Moon is not a toy. Assume the Moon is loaded at all times. No, don’t assume. Assumptions destroy what there is to be seen [...]


by Richard Luftig I remember you told me that there was only so much of everything in life to go around: Love. Money. Land. Luck… So when I found that penny, heads up in the dust, [...]