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Buenos Aires Protest: No Police in Sight

by Jonathan R. Rose photo by Beatrice Murch I once participated in a protest in Mexico City, days after the current president, Enrique Pena Nieto, was elected. And what I remember most was the amount of police [...]

A Half-Assed Journalist’s Half-Assed Journey to Report on a Half-Assed Protest

by Jack Moody photo by Fibonacci Blue   I was three hours late, violently hung over from two bottles of cheap wine the night before, and driving thirty miles over the speed limit through the heart of [...]

Medical Marijuana in Chile

26 January 2017. Viña del Mar. In this post we explain the current status of the law in Chile regarding medical marijuana.  We also explain how you can get a prescription for marijuana in Chile and [...]

Southern Pacific Review Editorial Services

WALKER ROWE   FREELANCE TECH WRITER AND PROGRAMMER: BIG DATA ANALYTICS, CLOUD ARCHITECTURE, CYBERSECURITY, IOT I am an American freelance tech writer and programmer. I white tech blogs, write papers, web pages, manuals, and SDK docs. Plus [...]

El Niño in Chile

by Alana Gale photo “Drought” by Javier Carabelli  19 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. For the Chilean people, El Niño is more than just a familiar concept. It’s occurring right now, and it actually has a big [...]

Simple Explanation of why the NSA cannot read ISIS email

by Walker Rowe There has been much talk lately about the inability of the US and other governments to read encrypted ISIS and Al Qaeda messages.  Here we explain, in the simplest possible terms, why that [...]

A Lesson for the Young, on Growing Old

by Walker Rowe OK, I’m not going old, but at 54 I’m growing older, and more quickly each day. For young readers, I want to tell you what to expect as you grow older. The gory [...]

FreeLancePortals launches new Freelance Market

A new startup has launched a new marketplace for freelancers: FreeLancePortals.  With eLance shutting down, it is the view of the backers of FreeLancePortals that the freelance market for programmers, writers, data scientists, lawyers, and other professionals needs [...]

The Original Cinema Paradiso: Cinema Pastene

Cinema Paradiso was an art house hit when it was released in 1988.  It tells the story of Chile’s Nobel-prize winning poet Pablo Neruda when he lived in Italy.  While there, Neruda penned love notes for [...]

What the Confederate Flag Means to Someone Raised in South Carolina

by Walker Rowe At the risk of being flamed, I am going to try to put some perspective on the issue of Confederate Flag and what it means to someone like me who grew up in [...]