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Why SEO Writing does not Work

Only someone who reads a lot can write well. Most people don’t read, so most people cannot write. I have grown weary of seeing so many solicitations for SEO writing. Who thinks so little of their [...]

What is Big Data?

Analytics is necessary to understand data coming from Big Data databases. What’s typically meant by “Big Data” is unstructured data that can’t be managed by a traditional database because either there is too much data or [...]

Analytics: Linear Regression Example

by Walker Rowe One of the simplest forms of predictive analysis is linear regression. This type of equation tries to plot a curve or line between two axes to show the relationship between one dependent two [...]

Analytics: Neural Networks Explained

by Walker Rowe Artificial neural networks are is designed to analyze data make decisions in sophicsticated, nonlinear fashions, similar to how the the same way as the human brain might. An example widely cited is handwriting [...]

Basic Descriptive Statistics for Analytics

by Walker Rowe In order to have an understanding of analytics, you need to have an understanding of basic statistics.  Here is a quick summary. Below is a curve called the normal distribution.  Don’t let that [...]

Classic old movies, nasty new audiences

by Rick Segreda Three years ago, during a visit to Seattle, I suffered one of the most excruciating experiences of my movie-going life. A theater that specializes in classic and alternative film was hosting a special [...]

Villarica Volcano Erupts

Photos by Heidi Hillis and Fields Marshall 3 March 2015.  Curacaví, Chile. Heidi Hillis is an American from Oregon. She lives with her husband and children in Pucon, Chile. Heidi has lived there for 10 years where she [...]

Charlie Hebdo: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

We show our support for the French people and the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. France and England is where the idea of human rights was born. Without the the French, we would still be serfs. Last [...]

How to Learn Spanish watching TV

Learn Spanish the same way the Chinese learn English when they move to the USA. How is that? Television, of course. HOW TO LEARN SPANISH BY WATCHING TV Here we explain how American television has English language [...]

Beautiful Words

by Matthew Chabin   On December 18th a black flag flew over Prague Castle, and in Ostrava I read on the MSN news feed that Vaclav Havel was dead. “Shit,” I said to the empty room.  [...]