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Teaching English at the Cigarette Factory

by Cathy Adams Thumbnail Photo by Matt Everyone in Han village smells like tobacco from their fingers to their hair to their clothes to the pillows they lay their heads on at night before getting up [...]

Standing Female Dignitary (Hillary Clinton) in the Form of a Pre-Columbian Whistle

by  Marit MacArthur illustration by Rene Castro From the outposts of Lovemaking and Motherhood she advanced, a vessel worked into the desired form. No slenderness to the waist, her feet are gone beneath the long heavy [...]


by Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor photo by Tammy Ruggles I spend long hours talking with water in the bathroom every night. I tell Mama about this special bond I have with water. She laughs a hearty laugh and [...]

De Sueños y Canciones: El Abrazo de la Serpiente, un filme de Ciro Guerra

Por Eduardo Frajman El trauma causado por la crueldad y la opresión no es nunca individual sino colectivo. Está inextricablemente vinculado a las rupturas políticas que la violencia deja a su paso. Tratar el trauma requiere [...]

Proust, in the Treehouse, With a Deadly Kiss

Proust, in the Treehouse, With a Deadly Kiss by Willem MyraPhoto by Patrick Breitenbach under Creative Commons License… while on Wednesdays I’d see her by the phone booth down the street, reading this or that. Reading [...]

Guy Toussaint

by Erik Wennermark photo “Desert” by Moyan Brenn under Creative Commons License “Guy Toussaint: Deviant Art & The Poetry of Murder,” Alexander Milton’s unfinished dissertation in service of his PhD candidacy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, [...]

The State of Indians in Chile and the Americas

by Walker Rowe Map From The Language Gulper. Thumbnail graphic from Famous Crying Indian Commercial in the 1970’s. I am in a unique perspective to reflect upon the condition of the Indian here in Chile and all [...]

Who is to Blame for the Red Tide in Chile?

By Walker Rowe People dream of going to Patagonia to fly fish for salmon and trout in the cobalt blue streams ringed by snow-capped mountains and steaming volcanoes. This area of glaciers and fjords is a [...]

Because Prices are Sky High, Chile Opens Public Pharmacies

by Alana Gale photo “New glasses” by Alba García Aguado, 28 April 2016. Santiago, Chile. In October, El Mostrador reported that three big companies control 90% of the pharmaceutical market: Salcobrand, Cruz Verde, and Farmarcias Ahumadas.  These companies [...]

First it was Uber, Now Chilean Hotels Battle with Airbnb

15 April 2016. Santiago, Chile. First it was’s Uber’s turn. Now another California tech firm, AirBnB, has incurred the wrath of traditional Chilean business. The past couple of weeks have seen traditional taxis take their complaints with Uber [...]