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Continuous Analytics Defined

Here we assign a name to and define a new methodology, Continuous Analytics. Continuous Analytics is the extension of devops, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery to big data development. It plugs data science and data engineering [...]

Walker Rowe, Freelance IT Tech Writer

Here is a description of the freelance technical writing service offered by Walker Rowe. You can contact him at BIG DATA *** ANALYTICS *** CYBERSECURITY  US native and citizen. Tech writer and programmer. 30 years [...]

Hydrosphere Tears down the Wall between Data Science and Devops

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) MAY 06, 2016 Tying Together the Disjointed Big Data Development Process Big data has moved beyond hype to production. But what IT has not yet figured out is how to efficiently manage [...]

How to Hire a Freelance IT Tech Writer

by Walker Rowe If you want quality work, you need a quality writer. This week the top freelance market website Upwork doubled its fee to 20% plus added 2.5% to your bill for credit card fees. [...]

Is iOS or Android a Better Platform for Developers?

Here we describe why a developer might pick Android over iOS. Market Share But first, there are business reasons to consider: * Android has an 77% market share worldwide. * On the other hand, Apple device owners have [...]

Load Performance Testing: Using Analytics

by Walker Rowe Here we are going to explain one way that you can analyze load performance test results using analytics. We pick the simplest possible example. Supposed your load performance test fails, because there was [...]

Google Stops Production of Google Glass

Women must have grown weary of creep guys staring at them with Google Glass, as some California restaurants and bars banned them from the premises.  Now women who are used to men leering at them will [...]

Big Data Trends Predictions for 2015

In this white paper, we draw on forecasts from IDC, Gartner, Forbes, and other publications to show what changes in technology and new business opportunities will come along in 2015 because of changes in the Big [...]

Internet Security For Your Mom

People get hacked every day.  So here are some tips to avoiding being a victim.  Please share this link with your family and friends and especially your aged parents.  We are writing this as simple as possible, [...]

Fraudulent SEO Writing on the Internet

Scholarship used to mean going to the library, searching through the card catalog, going to the stacks, and then pulling down and actually reading a book.  Now anyone can be an expert on any topic because [...]