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How to Block Advertisers from Tracking You

Advertisers are copying your personal data when you use the internet and selling it without your permission.  The worst offenders are Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  Google even bought the largest online advertising company:  DoubleClick. Here are [...]

Secure your Google, Twitter, and Facebook Accounts with Two-Factor Authentication

There is no reason why anyone should ever have their data stolen by hackers or a virus.   If Jennifer Lawrence had taken this very simple step to secure her account, she would never have had her nude [...]

Cherwell Software Prediction for 2014 IT Trends

Editor’s note:  We are adding a technology section to our magazine, because it is interesting to read.   Cherwell Software has come out with predictions for IT for the year 2014.  Pay attention, as their forecast [...]

How to use Social Media to Promote your Business

by  Walker Rowe Here we explain why you should be using social media to promote your business and how.  At Southern Pacific Review, we do that too.  So should you too to grow your business. It [...]

RSA Key Generation Example

by Walker Rowe (Note:  This post has nothing to do with literature or South America.  Our editor studied mathematics in college and continues with that, because David Foster Wallace did.) Here I give an example of [...]