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Uruguay Legalizes Growing Marijuana. Is Chile Next?

Thumbnail photo of Redwood Kush by felixtsao.   Uruguay legalized growing marijuana yesterday.  That is old news already.  The government there will allow people to grow up to 6 plants or join clubs who can have [...]

Colombian FARC Peace Talks: Cocaine on the Agenda

Thumbnail photo:  Equino Xio The FARC guerrillas and the government of Colombia have made genuine progress in their peace talks in Havana, Cuba.  The first two issues on their short, albeit difficult, list have been resolved.  [...]

Uruguay Poised to Legalize Planting Marijuana

by Chip Livingston (photo credit: Gabriel Padilha) Our reporter in Montevideo talks to people close to the legislation and international experts from the USA and the Netherlands who have traveled to Uruguay to help determine the final shape of [...]

Latest Developments in the Decriminalization of Marijuana in Latin America

Today we read that the American War on Drugs has expanded to Africa.The New York Times say “The aggressive response by the United States is also a sign of how greater attention and resources have turned to [...]

Paradise of Impunity

 by Robert Joe Stout Assassinations in Mexico are not confined to criminal organizations. Political protesters, union leaders, journalists and human rights advocates are gunned down in their homes, their cars, their offices. Seldom are their slayers [...]

Human rights watch calls for investigation into killings in Honduras

  The international organization Human Rights Watch insisted Thursday that the authorities in Honduras and the United States clarify the circumstances in which four people were killed during a joint military operation in La Mosquito. “The [...]

American and Honduran soldiers kill 4 civilians by mistake including 2 pregnant women

Editors Note: the past two weeks have seen announcements coming from Honduras that American DEA agents and military are being deployed to Honduras to battle drug smugglers there and are setting up radar installations.  This was [...]

Obama agrees to debate the war on Drugs and Cuba emerges as a Central point focal point

Editors note: We are continuing to translate some of the Spanish language press articles on the War on Drugs and in particular the Summit of the Americas and policy developments in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia [...]

Decriminalization of Drugs to be Discussed at the Summit

    The decriminalization of drugs as a strategy to fight drug trafficking will be presented as a discussion item in the VI Summit of the Americas but not as a proposal, given than there is [...]

Internal Violence and Fatique over the War on Drugs Marks the Summit of the Americas

Even since 1971 when the ex President of the USA signalled that the “number one enemy” of the United States was the drugs coming over the borders, the call for the “war on drugs” has been [...]