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Student Protests in Chile come back. Why is there so much destruction?

Photo “Chile movimiento estudiantil marcha universidad de Concepcion” by Carol Crisosto Cadiz. It reads “For an free, quality education serving the town.” Though from 2011, it shows what the students demanded then, and what they are [...]

Job Turnover in Chile Highest of any OECD Country

photo “Construcción” by Alvaro Olivares 13 June 2016. Santiago, Chile. On Friday, La Tercera released an article saying that job turnover in Chile is higher than in any nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and [...]

Questions Arise After Lawsuit by Chilean President Challenges Freedom of the Press

by Alana Gale photo “The President of Chile, Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria” by Alex Proimos 3rd June 2016. Santiago, Chile. This Tuesday, President Bachelet filed a defamation lawsuit against the magazine Que Pasa. She said what [...]

Drought Continuous in Chile, Heat Increases

By Alana Gale photo “Embalse” by Christian Córdova under Creative Commons License 27 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. Last week we wrote an article focusing on how El Niño controls weather patterns in Chile. This week, we [...]

El Niño in Chile

by Alana Gale photo “Drought” by Javier Carabelli  19 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. For the Chilean people, El Niño is more than just a familiar concept. It’s occurring right now, and it actually has a big [...]

Red Tide Strikes Chile, Again

by Alana Gale  photo “Pescados” by Tomás J. Sepúlveda 13 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. Over the past week, the red tide has dominated the news in Chile. The Biggest Red Tide in History A red tide, [...]

Surge in Daytime Robberies in Santiago Malls

by Alana Gale Photo “Police” by RL GNZLZ under Creative Commons License 6 May 2016. Santiago, Chile. Over the last six months, there have been frequent reports of jewelry store robberies in broad daylight in malls around Chile. [...]

Because Prices are Sky High, Chile Opens Public Pharmacies

by Alana Gale photo “New glasses” by Alba García Aguado, 28 April 2016. Santiago, Chile. In October, El Mostrador reported that three big companies control 90% of the pharmaceutical market: Salcobrand, Cruz Verde, and Farmarcias Ahumadas.  These companies [...]

Chile Changing Education System

by Alana Gale photo “University Life 134” by Francisco Osorio. 22 March 2016. Santiago, Chile. A report presented last Thursday by The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) described the educational situation in Chile as “alarming”, [...]

Taxi Drivers in Chile Protest Uber

by Alana Gale photo: TVN news showing Uber driver’s car damaged by taxi driver assault. thumbnail photo: “Taxi Pasando” by Betoscopio 14 April 2016. Santiago, Chile. In response to the popularity of Uber, over 2,000 taxi [...]