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Abortion Debate in Chile

by Alana Gale In the photo from El Desconcierto the woman has written “my choice” on her stomach. Since 1989, Chile has had a blanket ban on all forms of abortion. According to the penal code, [...]

HBO GO Streaming Coming to Chile

by Alana Gale and Walker Rowe Netflix came to Chile a couple of years ago, now HBO is coming this year. In 2010, HBO launched its streaming service HBO Go in the United States. At first [...]

Chile’s Salmon Sector Faces Another Crisis

by Alana Gale photo “Seno de Reloncaví” by Nicolás Binder. 15 March 2016. Santiago, Chile. According to La Tercera, an increase in the amount seaweed caused the death of 1.5 million salmon in Reloncaví Sound in [...]

The Cost of Living in Chile

by Alana Gale photo “Mercado” by Fernando Valenzuela 8 March 2016. Santiago, Chile. Recently, El Mostrador published an article on the cost of groceries in different countries, called the “basic shopping cart.” The question the article posed [...]

The Chileans Work More Hours Than Most of the World

by Alana Gale photo “Santiago Rain” by Javier Vieras Santiago, Chile. 1 March 2016. The most recent data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that the people of Chile work more hours per [...]

January 2016 is the Hottest Month Ever in Chile

by Alana Gale photo courtesy NASA 23 Feb 2016. Santiago, Chile January was the hottest month for the planet in the last 136 years, reports La Tercera. The record-breaking heat is not without precedent: this past [...]