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Allegations of Police Abuse in Chile blight Carabineros reputation

by Cameron Ridgway 28 September 2016.  Concepción, Chile. The Carabineros, Chile’s national police force, have long held a reputation as one of the most trusted in Latin America. That may all be about to change, however. [...]

Pinochet still Casts Shadow over Chile

Note: The photo above taken by Reuters photographer Carlos Vera Mancilla went viral.  It shows a girl staring into the face of a policeman. It was taken at the protest this week honoring victims of the dictatorship. [...]

Welcoming the British to Concepción, Chile

by Cameron Ridgway photo by Hozdiamant, under Creative Commons License Concepción, Chile. 7 September 2016. A taste of life as a ‘penquista:’ Concepción, Chile: a city I still don’t quite understand despite having lived here for [...]