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Festival day of the Goddess Iemanja in Uruguay

by Chip Livingston  Photos courtesy Gabriel Padilha   Five years ago I participated in my first festival day of the goddess Iemanja in Montevideo, Uruguay. A statue of the Umbanda goddess of rivers and oceans sets across [...]

Elbow Room – Stretching Out Along Uruguay’s Golden Coast

By Chip Livingston photos by Gabriel Padilha South American summer vacations hit maximum velocity in January and February, and Uruguay’s Costa de Oro is a major destination for Argentineans, Brazilians and Chileans on holiday, as well [...]

Uruguay Poised to Legalize Planting Marijuana

by Chip Livingston (photo credit: Gabriel Padilha) Our reporter in Montevideo talks to people close to the legislation and international experts from the USA and the Netherlands who have traveled to Uruguay to help determine the final shape of [...]

Linda Hogan’s Indios: Modernizing the Myth

Review by Chip Livingston There are things readers have come to expect from a new Linda Hogan book, a garden of language tended to nourish coming generations; a story integrated with elements fertile as sacred soil [...]

Killing the Familiar

by Chip Livingston The first time you heard the story you were in ninth grade at Eldorado High, when Will repeated a flunked school year and ended up in the same science class with you and [...]