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Our love lost poet has writer’s block

  Dear Editor, I can’t write a poem because I feel stunted. My creativity has detached from me. This weekend I realized that I’ve broken up with the man I loved. I didn’t know that we [...]

Sugary Soliloquy, Inspired by My Cookie

I returned to my city and was reunited with my beloved. We went to the zoo. We drank stolen Manhattans. And then, when the night was almost over, I bought an Alfajoreo from the corner kiosk. [...]

The Poet I Loved

by Seraphina Malinche   Once a poet gifted me a book of poems and in the margin I wrote my own. Someday I’ll read my children a poem and tell them I once loved a poet. [...]


Juan chose not to see me, not to hear me speak and to shut me out of his world. His decisions drive his reality and he chose to not let me be a part of it. [...]


by Seraphina Malinche A smile and a wink So simply began A stolen kiss in the stairwell A midnight cup of coffee Oh hopeless Tanguero You fed me your chamuyo You led me through the milonga No [...]