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A Place in the Shade: Part II

by  Erik Berg Editors Note:  This month we publish the second section of Erik Berg’s novel “A Place in the Shade”.  The novel is a chronicle of several families set among the mountains and oil fields [...]

A Place in the Shade

Editors note:  This month we publish the first installment in serial fashion the new novel “A Place in the Shade” by Erik Berg.  There are very few constants that carry through generations of which man can [...]

On Affairs of Literature

By Erik Berg There’ve been a few times I’ve been drained enough at night, when there’s nothing left in the tank to write, and I think of literature as is, the way I think of nature, [...]

Tell the Mourning Birds They Can’t Sing

 By Erik Berg The sun had just crested above the eastern foothills, scattering pallid light onto the desert, when Tom and Colby began their ride. The desert was hushed and still, like a tired soul reluctant [...]