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The Birth of a Vision: 100 Year of Feature Films

by Rick Segreda With the new advances in technology, will cinema as we know it survive? This is not the first time this question has been asked; it is as old as cinema itself, going back [...]

La Movilización de los Pueblos en América Latina

Por Eduardo Frajman foto por Noemí Galera La ubicuidad de la protesta social es una de las más destacadas características del actual período de democracia en América Latina. Me refiero específicamente al brote de la multitud, a [...]

Spies and Satire

by Rick Segreda “Spy” has proven to be the funniest film in years, by anybody – Hollywood, Europe, or Latin America. This is a considerable achievement on behalf of Paul Feig, who receives sole credit as [...]

While We’re Young

by Rick Segreda   Like Woody Allen, writer and director Noah Baumbach has always inclined towards the pretentious in showcasing his highbrow credentials. Thus in his most recent film, “While We’re Young,” he quotes dialogue from [...]

Two Days, One Night

by Rick Segreda “Two Days, One Night” consolidates the reputation of the Belgium brothers, Jean and Luc Dardenne, as the foremost exemplars of a social conscience of world cinema, with a kind shout-out to Mike Leigh, [...]

Jurassic World: Prehistoric Attitudes

by Rick Segreda   Twenty-two years after the release of the dinosaur epic, “Jurassic Park,” its third sequel has arrived with its full quota of manufactured excitement. However, for this critic, the suspense had nothing to [...]

Classic Old Movies, Nasty New Audiences, Part II

by Rick Segreda For admirers of an established art form, there is probably nothing more painful than to experience it as the object of ridicule or indifference.  There is the aficionado of classical music, for example, [...]


by Rick Segreda With commendable courage, this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film, “Ida,” explores a still-volatile theme in Poland–antisemitism in the country’s very-Catholic culture. Seventy years after the defeat of the Nazis, it [...]

Classic old movies, nasty new audiences

by Rick Segreda Three years ago, during a visit to Seattle, I suffered one of the most excruciating experiences of my movie-going life. A theater that specializes in classic and alternative film was hosting a special [...]

Still Alice

by Rick Segreda Winner of the 2014 Academy Award for Best Actress, “Still Alice” is a sincere humanist drama that lives up to, but does not transcend, its good intentions. Which is to say that this [...]