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Ludicrous in Latin America: Sea Lions Roam the Streets

  In the USA you have to go to SeaWorld to see sea lions.  Here in Talcahuno, Chile they walk in the streets. In recent weeks these giants have left the water to look for food [...]

Stray Dogs in Chile

Video by Burgman Chile   In the USA, if someone sees a stray dog, they call the dog catcher.  The dog catcher’s job is to round up stray dogs and put them into public kennels.  They [...]

Brazil Ferries Away James Bolivian Bond

  John Le Carré missed this story entirely.  Roger Pinto was a senator in Bolivia.  But then he suggested that the Bolivian government is dealing in narcotics.  He was threatened with arrest and fled to the [...]

Argentina Steals an Airline

Today we are starting a new column.  It’s called “Ludicrous in Latin America,” because frankly events here are so outrageous that someone must tell the world, because the world does not know. They know about Syria, [...]