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Teachers Strike in Mexico

  by Robert Joe Stout thumbnail photo source CNN As she stepped off a private flight from San Diego, California to Toluca, Mexico on February 26, 2013 Elba Esther Gordillo, the president of Mexico’s largest labor [...]

Zapatistas March in Mexico

  by Robert Joe Stout Hair braided and decorated with a white gardenia, wicker basket hooked over her left arm, the Oaxaca Trique vendor turned away from the appliance store window through which she’d seen a [...]

Oaxaca Child: I Want To Be Like Them!

by Robert Joe Stout “I remember a little girl that I would see some mornings peering through the schoolyard fence, half-hidden by the climbing vines that had grown up around it. She wasn’t filthy but she [...]

Human Rights Advocates in Mexico

by Robert Joe Stout “And the United States? Why aren’t your do-gooders advocating human rights in Arizona? In the prisons where they put indocumentados?” It’s a question I’m often asked in Oaxaca, Mexico where I live. [...]

The Mexican Telenovela Called Politics

by Robert Joe Stout Despite gruesome massacres, massive poverty that thrusts thousands of jobseekers northward and military confrontations that have made no man’s lands of huge swaths of Mexico’s territory, the country’s outmoded political system creaks [...]

Oaxaca’s Night of Terror

by Robert Joe Stout In the city of Oaxaca,Mexico over half of the thousands sifting in to join the November 25, 2006 Popular Assembly demonstration arrived after the scheduled starting time. Students, indigenas, professors, white collar [...]

The Mexican immigrant from Oxaca

by Robert Joe Stout   “There was very little work before. Now there is none.” Omar Cosme tilts his head and smiles in that ingenuous self-deprecating way that many Oaxacans have of expressing their feelings. Stocky [...]

Paradise of Impunity

 by Robert Joe Stout Assassinations in Mexico are not confined to criminal organizations. Political protesters, union leaders, journalists and human rights advocates are gunned down in their homes, their cars, their offices. Seldom are their slayers [...]

Don’t Shout: The obnoxious Gringo tourist in Mexico

by Robert Joe Stout   Tourists are funny creatures. (Funny strange, not funny ha-ha.) Having decided on a Mexican vacation they pack clothes they’d never dream of wearing at home: floppy hats, outlandish shorts, sandals that [...]