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General Strike in Argentina

by Vivi Rathbon   My breath was shaken by the nearby explosions when I got off the ferry from Colonia.  I could hear the cannons firing for Moyano’s strike when the cab driver picked me up [...]

Mate Explained to the Bewildered Foreigner

by Vivi Rathbon   I woke up with a swollen cheek. My tooth was throbbing. As I had plans to have it pulled at 19:30, I resisted sending a text message to my dentist for fear [...]

Words, Words, Words

by Vivi Rathbon   Words are a tool and a trap, Expression and limitation. What is the point of using words to express indescribable sentiments? Confusion converted into prose is just that. Circling confusion diffracts infinitely. [...]

Happy Aniversary Buenos Aires

by Vivi Rathbon   Two years went by in an instant. An airplane landed in Buenos Aires. I closed my eyes and inhaled. I opened my eyes and exhaled, and it is two years later. Moving [...]


by Vivi Rathbon   Argentina has many beverages to boast, from its fine wines to its bitter mate.  Sometimes left out from the tourist reviews is the ubiquitous Argentine beverage of choice: Fernet. What, you may be wondering, is [...]

Nolita Restaurant Review

by Vivi Rathbon   For our first official dinner in Santiago we chose NoLita Restaurant, which was recommended by our hotel doorman.  NoLita is located in the lovely Las Condes neighborhood of Santiago de Chile. The unassuming [...]

YaYa Bean: Behind the Sauce

  by Vivi Rathbon They wouldn’t tell me what Ya Ya Bean means.   But they did tell me a little more than the straight-forward story that you’ve read on the back of La Boca Roja hot [...]