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Safe Beaches and Swimming Safety and Rules in Viña del Mar, Chile

Why Don’t Chileans Swim?   People are afraid of the current here and they say the water is too cold.  So almost no one swims.  95% of the people will go no deeper than knee deep. [...]

Southern Pacific Review Editorial Services

WALKER ROWE   FREELANCE TECH WRITER AND PROGRAMMER: BIG DATA ANALYTICS, CLOUD ARCHITECTURE, CYBERSECURITY, IOT I am an American freelance tech writer and programmer. I white tech blogs, write papers, web pages, manuals, and SDK docs. Plus [...]

Actors Play Asians in Brown (Black) Face

Photo: Ben Kingsley places the Indian Ghandi in brown-face makeup. By Walker Rowe In California there are more Hispanics than whites and there are millions of Asians. But on the wide screens of Hollywood you do [...]

The State of Indians in Chile and the Americas

by Walker Rowe Map From The Language Gulper. Thumbnail graphic from Famous Crying Indian Commercial in the 1970’s. I am in a unique perspective to reflect upon the condition of the Indian here in Chile and all [...]

Who is to Blame for the Red Tide in Chile?

By Walker Rowe People dream of going to Patagonia to fly fish for salmon and trout in the cobalt blue streams ringed by snow-capped mountains and steaming volcanoes. This area of glaciers and fjords is a [...]

How to Hire a Freelance IT Tech Writer

by Walker Rowe If you want quality work, you need a quality writer. This week the top freelance market website Upwork doubled its fee to 20% plus added 2.5% to your bill for credit card fees. [...]

Horses and Horseback Riding in Chile

by Walker Rowe One irony in Chile is here the poorest people can own a horse but in the USA only the richest can afford that, especially on the East Coast. In the American West it [...]

HBO GO Streaming Coming to Chile

by Alana Gale and Walker Rowe Netflix came to Chile a couple of years ago, now HBO is coming this year. In 2010, HBO launched its streaming service HBO Go in the United States. At first [...]

Proof that Chilean and Spanish People are Illogical

by Walker Rowe   I have found absolute proof that the Chilean, and Spanish people, from which they sprang, are illogical. Read on.   At the university, in between time spent playing tennis and smoking pot, [...]

Black Flags: The Rise of Isis

by Walker Rowe Joby Warrick’s “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS” tells the story of how ISIS replaced Al Qaeda as the leader of radical Sunni terrorism and seized large portions of Iraq and Syria turning [...]